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Albion Manor Gardens!

Victoria's Gardens

Albion Manor Gardens

224 Superior Street

Victoria, BC

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Albion Manor Front Garden


We pride ourselves on the garden at Albion Manor. When we moved here in 2005, you couldn't get a spade into the ground the clay was so hard. But we have worked it and worked it over the years and are proud to say that it's pretty nice. Obviously it is an ongoing project, with new plants being added every year. In 2011 we added the pond and waterfall.


There's something blooming year round it seems, although as a boy from the prairies, I continue to be amazed by that reality. Roses in January. Unbelievable.


Albion Manor Garden



Albion Manor Garden

Tree Peony


Albion Manor Garden- Tulips



Eat your heart out Butchart Gardens!



Albion Manor Gardens


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Quickly bring me a beaker of wine so that I can whet my mind and say something clever.



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