Mural on the Ceiling of Room 7 Bathroom

Remember that English is my second language so please be lenient.

Today I have decide to start the mural paintings in the bathroom of room number seven.  It is going to be a long, long process so the sooner I start the better all thou the words soon or fast or convenience doesn’t go necessarily with the trade of creating a work of art.  In fact some of the most relevant contemporary artists of our time base their work precisely trying to demonstrate this point.  But since this is going to be just painting merely a bathroom I guess difficulties should be easy to overcome.

My first problem to tackle is to find a proper theme for a bathroom.  I am sure that Greek-roman mythology would give me plenty of themes for this area of the house.  But people are not familiar any more with these stories and any way it tend to be rather heavy subjects.  Who would like to think about the destiny of a hero when doing the mundane business of the bathroom!

How about floral?  That could be a fantastic subject.  It has plenty of samples to reproduce and great for experimenting with the most interesting and outrageous combination of colours.  All thou it tends to be too in the feminine side and that doesn’t go with the other side.  We are already pushing the boundaries a bit with all the doilies around.

Water is an important element in the bathroom.  Maybe I could use ocean allegories.  Blue will be the main hue, which it helps to give an air of expanding space.  Victoria is a port city that is another connection.  I probably will finish painting a Neptune who will look rather pompous and thanks to Walt Disney mermaids are a nono.

Proper nudity is a sophisticated option.  It can be presented in a very elegant way so to prevent issues of political sexism.  But since it is impossible to know the degree of up tide-ness of our guests, especially in this northern latitude of the continent the subject of nudity must be avoid.  Especially when you are busy in the bathroom an enclosure area with an option of only four walls to look at.

This is becoming a conundrum.  I am keeping remaining me that this is just a bathroom.  I feel as in a cup du sack.  I went back to the darn bathroom and sat in the loo for inspiration and have a view as a guess would from that position.  I found one of the books that we offer which appropriately is called “Up the Cistern.  A lavish Celebration of the Smallest Room” by James Riddle.  In the subject of the most popular pastimes in the loo reading stand for 20%.  The first one is thinking with a 21% but at the B&B the guest is on vacation so I thought that I could spear the guest to use their time in that way.

Therefore, since reading is a prefer activity at lavatories I have came to the happy conclusion that I will decorate the walls of the rest room of number seven with popular saying and so be it.

P. S. I am so glad that I am out of this one.


Albion Manor Bed and Breakfast

Mural on ceiling of Rom 7 Bathroom

Albion Manor Bed and Breakfast: Mural on Ceiling of Room 7 Bathroom

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