March 8

We have 3 plum trees in the garden, a golden plum and 2 prune plums.  The Golden Plum flowers earlier than the other 2 and for the last couple of weeks it has been in full bloom.  I should have taken photos of it earlier, but didn’t get around to it for some reason.  There are always lots of ‘some reason’.  Anyway, although not golden itself, this tree produces masses of golden plums which are the most delicious things you have ever eaten.  We haven’t always had success with it: some year there are only a couple of plums, but in a good year there are so many that we don’t know what to do with them.  The same is true of the prune plums although they are much more reliable in terms of producing.  Last year we put out boxes of plums on the boulevard for neighbours to take and I ‘m glad to say they all disappeared rapidly.  Much better than having them go to waste.  There is a company, or group, that will collect your ripe fruit to take to the Food Bank.  I contacted them and after saying that they would be by to do the picking, they didn’t show.  I’m not sure what happened.  Probably they had too much fruit for the number of volunteers that they have.

The Golden Plum Tree from the Terrace of Room 6

The Golden Plum Tree from the Terrace of Room 6

This is the view of the tree from the terrace outside room number 6.  It almost looks as though it has just snowed, but believe it or not, those are all plum blossoms.  I don’t know what the proportions are, how many blossoms will turn into actual eatable plums, but I am positive that it is not one to one.   I have also noted this year that there are no bees.  Usually when you walk by the tree it sounds as though it has been electrified, it is buzzing, bees crawling and flying all over it, like the whole thing is moving.  This year, none.  Could be a very bad sign.

One of our guests from Salt Spring Island, Grace, is starting to raise her own bees this year in attempt to combat the global problem that we have with the decline of the bee population.  I should so the same and get some of those bee homes that you see around occasionally.  As with most things, any little bit helps I guess.

Golden Plum Tree through the Bathroom Window of Room 5

Golden Plum Tree through the Bathroom Window of Room 5

Here’s another view of the Golden Plum through the bathroom window of room number 5.  You can see bit of the new buds of the lilac bush pushing through.

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