March 6

March 6, 2010

What’s with the sun?  There’s more of it today.  A person could get used to this.  Fernando and I did a big spring cleaning on the yard today, getting rid of a lot of rubbish.  Not the general kind of rubbish, but just the kind that a big garden can generate.  And it is amazing how quickly it can generate it.  Why do things grow like that?  Can’t they just grow to the size that I want and then stop?  Why should I have to prune the willow tree 3 times a year?  And the mock orange, and the buddleia, and the wisteria, and the grapes and the… and the… oh, I’m tired.   Three trips to the recycling depot.  Thank goodness it’s free on Saturday.   And I did manage to get the wisteria pruned.  And some other odd bits of cleaning.

And Fernando continues his ceiling painting.  We may become the Sistine Chapel yet.

River of Muscari?

River of Muscari?

This was a bag of bulbs labelled ‘A River of Muscari’ and contained about 50 bulbs.  However, I think that to create a river you would want to have about 250 bulbs.  Chalk this up to experience and things you have to know when you have big garden.  I have known for some that there is no point planting just one of anything.  You need at least a dozen of anything, except perhaps bushes and trees.   Tulips are better by the hundred.  Day lilies by the trio, minimum.  At least a dozen lilies of whatever variety.  Hostas, peonies, all those things.  I bought only one of each of the tree peonies last week.  Hopefully they will grow to a sufficient size to justify their oneness.  However, I usually get multiples of rhododendrons and even roses.

It’s a big garden!

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