March 5

March 5, 2010

Sun.  What more need saying.  This is Victoria after all.   I love this cartoon from the Times Colonist which I took great pleasure in sending to the family back in Alberta.  I had to change the text a bit, but the essence is the same.  We Victorians like to gloat about the weather, just a bit.   Who can blame us when it is such a beautiful day.

Perfect Spring Cartoon from the Times Colonist

Perfect Spring Cartoon from the Times Colonist

I have seen the cartoon in various other versions, but all with the same gist: it’s nice out here in Victoria and it’s snowing in the east.

Slow progress in room 8 with the new doors and general fix up.  I find this is the way things generally work out here.  It is so easy to get distracted, with the phone, guests arriving, having to go to meetings or appointments, doing the shopping and an endless list.  Every time the phone rings with a guest wanting information, I find myself wandering around afterwards wondering what I was supposed to be doing.  I have really to make a concerted effort to get it finished.  The room has been out of commission for too long and it is one of our most popular rooms.  I have given myself a deadline of next Sunday to have it completed.  That should be long enough given the amount of work that has to be done.  It’s just a question of getting it done.

And I have the additional chore of having to get out into the garden to get the new plants into the ground, the primroses and tree peonies, although I think the tree peonies will have to go into pots.  I will probably put them into the new bed that we are planning for the very south side, right along the hedge and that bed won’t be ready until later in the spring.  I will have to get the maintenance company to remove the sod: I’m not prepared for that amount of work right now.  There are other more important things to be done, like preparing for the summer.  Booking are a bit slow right now, but I am optimistic that they will improve as the season goes on.

Rip van Winkle Daffodils

Rip van Winkle Daffodils

More daffodils.  Don’t you just love them.  This is Rip van Winkle, one that I tried unsuccessfully in Vancouver.  It is quite low, about 8 inches, and the heavy rains in Vancouver tended to be very hard on the poor thing.  The shape of the blossom, with all its little tendrils, tends to hold water and the additional weight then pulls the whole stem over and that’s the end of it.  Here, in sunny Victoria, the rain, while occasional, is not the problem that it is in Vancouver.

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