March 4

March 4, 2010

Lovely sunny day today, another of many that we have had in the past little while.  It looks like it is going to be a loverly March.  I wonder if our old prairie saying about March lambs and lions holds true on the coast.   Time will tell, but I’m praying that it won’t become too horrible.  We went to a few nurseries yesterday to look at flowering trees.  I want to see them when they are in flower so that when time comes to plant around the new pond we will know what kinds of trees we want.  Still no decisions, but I know that we will want lots of flowering things.  While at one, I found some new peony trees, of which we have 2 in the garden.  One flowers beautifully on the east side but the other was doing really badly under the willow so I moved it in October to the cottage garden.  I am happy to say that it seems to be doing really well right now.  I am also happy to say that we have 2 new tree peonies, Kinkaku and Shima-nishiki pictured below.  These photos aren’t of the new ones, but photos that I got on the internet, but this is what we have to look forward to.  How many years?

Tree Peony Kinkaku

Tree Peony Kinkaku

Tree Peony Shima-nishiki

Last night we went with some bed and breakfast friends here in Victoria, Ian and Anne and Dave and Sharon to The Mark Restaurant.  You can read more details about the meal in our restaurant section under ‘Fine Dining’.  With all of us being b&b owners, I guess it is not surprising that a large portion of the evening was taken up talking b&b business.  Luckily we were the only ones in the restaurant because I am sure it would have been hilarious to any other diners listening to 6 grown adults talking about the relative merits and problems associated with ironing sheets, something that is close to the hearts of all b&b owners.   We did manage to spend some time talking about F’s and my trip to Spain and London, Dave and Sharon’s recent travels to Turkey and Portugal and Ian and Anne’s upcoming cruise on the Mexican Riviera.   And we talked a lot about b and b politics, about marketing, about breakfasts, guests, inn-sitters and all the many subjects that preoccupy us daily.   I was afraid that Fernando was going to leave.  I guess the thought of the coming meal kept him in his seat.  I think everyone drank too much which is easy to do when the company and the surroundings are so agreeable.

Albion Lawns with Morning Dew

Albion Lawns with Morning Dew

The lawns in the morning look as though someone has just watered, or as if it had recently rained.  With the sun coming up from the east, they sparkle with the dew drops.  It’s quite magical- but a bit hard on the shoes tramping to the Un-named Room for coffee.  The storage room has long been known at the Un-named Room.  When we first moved into the bed and breakfast here in Victoria, getting to know all the different places was a bit of a challenge but at least they all had some description that helped identify them: the bedrooms, upstairs, downstairs, laundry room, furnace room.  The storage room wasn’t a storage room at that time; it was more of a junk room.  In the beginning, for the first couple of days, it was called ‘Frank’s Room’ after one of the previous owners.  In that we didn’t want to have anything around to remind us of them, we knew that this couldn’t possibly be allowed to continue, but what with the exhaustion of the move and getting the business up and running, neither of us had the inclination or imagination to give the room a name.  ‘The Junk Room’ wasn’t right: we didn’t want to have the work junk associated with our new home and business.  A couple of other names were tried, ‘That Room’, ‘The Box Room’ until Fernando started calling it the ‘Un-named Room’ and such it has been called ever since.

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