March 13

March 13, 2010

Beautiful day yesterday with lots of sun and warmth after the big rain.  And this morning is again bright and sunny.  Not warm yet, but it will be later on.  It’s going to be a beautiful day.

This is rhododendron PJM Elite, slightly past its prime, on the front steps.

Rhododendrons on the Front Step at Albion Manor in Victoria

Rhododendrons on the Front Step at Albion Manor in Victoria

Well I have got to decide if I am going to be truthful in this blog or if I am going to edit things for the sake of our guests. I guess I might as well be honest and tell the whole unsavoury truth: we have a mouse problem.  There is a mouse somewhere in the wall in room number 1 and we’re having a devil of a time getting the little bugger out.  Fortunately, Fernando has been sick for the past couple of weeks, which is not to say that it is fortunate that he has been sick, but it is fortunate that he has been sleeping in room number 1 during his illness and so he hears the little scratches in the evening when I guess they are the most active.  The thing that gets me is that I don’t know how it (they?) have gotten into the house.  When we first moved in I did a thorough inspection all around the house and fill and stuffed and caulked any crack where any little creature could get in and, luckily, we have been mouse free.  Until now.  So there must be a little crack or opening somewhere.

I am going to go out this morning to buy a video surveillance system to install around the house so that I can try to determine how it is getting in.  I will probably have to move it around each night and then watch the recording in the hope of spotting the movement.  At the same time I can use the system to watch the activities of our local racoons that are a real problem.  They will be looking for places for nesting at this time of the year and the last thing we want is a racoon family growing up underneath the studio.  In Burnaby we had a racoon family in the attic and it was not fun.  Reaching in to that small place and taking the baby racoons in my hand, one at a time, while Fernando tried to keep the mother at bay with a stick, was, shall we say, exciting.  We took them to the SPCA who assured us that they would be releasing them back into the wild when they were old enough.  I wondered if they released them in the wild wild, or in one of the local parks where they would undoubtedly make their way back to our house.

Final texture coat on the plaster today as I try to match the rough texture of the existing walls.  After years and years of coats of paint the walls in the house are anything but smooth as drywall walls are today.  These have a definite texture.  What I do is put on a light coat of plaster and they go over it with a clean paint roller to rough up the surface.  I than take a large plaster knife and go over it lightly to take the tops off the texture and soften it a bit, aiming to duplicate the texture that is there.  This has been very successful in other areas of the house.

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