March 1

March 1, 2010

Mostly cloudy today and I don’t think the sun will be making a showing of any kind.  It is probably exhausted and taking the day to recover after the outstanding hockey game yesterday in which Canada put the Americans in the deserved place, which is second.  Second to Canada, whose game this is.  It was a nail biter from the beginning and I actually contemplated not watching because I was so tense.  But from the moment that Jonathan Toews got the first goal, I knew I was hooked.  Besides, he’s so cute.

Johathan Toews

But when the Americans tied the game in the finals seconds of the third period, my natural pessimism told me that I shouldn’t watch the overtime.  I switched to some now-forgotten other program, but just coincidentally switched back just as the puck was being dropped again.  And I tensed and I twitched and I groaned fearing that they might score.  It would be been a knife to the national pride.  Despite all the gold and medals we have won and the love and pride we feel for all those wonderful athletes, it all comes down to hockey, our national game.  Who would we be as Canadians if we didn’t win the men’s hockey game?

Sidney Crosby and Steven Nash

About 150,000 people filled the streets of Vancouver after the hockey win.  Even here in Victoria, the downtown was rocking with excited fans well after the game had finished.

Olympic Crowds

Sports, they say, is the simplest form of theatre.  You have the protagonist and the antagonist, the hero and the villain, and the classic tale of who will succeed, or in the case of sports, who will vanquish.   In both you have various acts (periods, halves) building to a conclusion and a denouement although in the case of Sudden Victoria (or Sudden Death as it was known when I was a boy) the denouement is reduced to the cheering of the crowds and the joy of the players.

You have various characters each with his own personality which is revealed slowly as the action proceeds.  In both there is, at times, indescribable tension.  In sports however, there is no subtlety.  Just the action.   And of course there is no text.  Which is not to say that there is no spoken word on the ice or in the arena.  There is.  None that you would want to read a second time though.  The text is a secondary player to the action and the characters, the very opposite of the theatre where spoken word is of utmost importance for describing what is going on.  In the theatre, the words are needed to create the characters and the action.  In sports, characters and action is all there is.  There are the obvious variations of this theme, but they are just that, variations.

Having said all that, I will go back to working on the new door I am building for room 8 which is waiting patiently for its first coat of sealer.  I want to get it to the glass shop tomorrow so that they can make the sealed unit.  I am going to take them the whole door because I have discovered that they hole for the glass is not square- the joys of working on an old house.

Primroses on the Front Steps

The primroses are starting to look a bit fades and worn around the edges but there is nothing that brings colour as much as they do.  These are in small pots on the front steps.   I want to find out if you can get perennial versions of these more colourful annuals.  We have perennial primroses at the front of the Manor, but they are, although a lovely, a bit ‘pink’ for my liking.  Another item for the to-do list.

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