Henry VIII’s Bed- DAY 4

I added a bench for the mitre saw today.  I don’t want to be running all the way back to the studio every time I have to cut something.  I should have done this yesterday but I’m sometimes slow off the mark.  I’d like to bring the table saw into the house as well, but expect that there would be quite a bit of resistance to say nothing of the fact that there just isn’t the space. The columns are stable, wedged, propped, centered as appropriate (somewhat of a compromise: I centred the centre of the capital on the beam and didn’t worry about whether or not the square column above the capital was centred on the capital.  It worked.  I think.And now, the smaller, side beams and a bit of the ceiling.  Needless to say, the ceiling is not flat, looks a bit like a sine wave so I had to do a bit of shimming and levelling to get the beams all in a line.

Albion Manor Bed and Breakfast


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