Henry VIII’s Bed- DAY 3

Now for some of the tricky bits.  I have to get the columns attached to the beam- but the beam in not horizontal (neither is the floor for that matter).  I should point out also that the beam is not square to the wall.  And as it turns out, the capital is not square.  Which is to say that it’s not square to the base and it in itself is not square, more of a parallelogram.  Here’s what the column should look like:

And this is what they actually look like:

A bit exaggerated maybe, but you get the idea.  So, here’s what we have to decide:

  • should the column be square to the wall or to the beam?
  • should the centre of the column or the centre of the capital be centered on the beam?
  • should the column be vertical (to the world) or parallel to the wall?

Hmmm.  I guess we’ll see what happens.  Any by the way, it turns out that the base of the column is not flat- on the bottom, where it sits on the floor.  Well, neither is the top of the capital.  That’s what happens when you but things from unknown sources.

Here’s a start.

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