Henry VIII wishes he had slept here!

This is a story about a bed.  Quite a spectacular bed.  In fact, if Henry VIII had been around, he would have wanted to sleep in this bed.  Extremely high quality, unique design.  Solid oak, beautifully finished.   But you can’t put a spectacular bed into an ordinary room.  This is not to say that the room was ordinary, it’s just that compared to the bed, it looked really mediocre.  So of course, we had to redo the room.  You don’t throw an artist and a designer   into the mix and expect to have anything that’s simple and can be completed in a couple of weeks.  No, no, no.  You need a couple of weeks of designing, looking around to find what materials are available in our little Victoria, materials that are interesting or can be used in interesting ways.  Then, even though you haven’t resolved every little detail yet, it’s time to start.  After all, we have to have the first part completed in 3 weeks, in time for guest arriving for Christmas.  The whole thing would have been so much easier if we had started at the first of November.  But at the first of November, we didn’t really know that we were going to undertake this project.


Since we’re going to be working mostly on the ceiling, and since the ceilings are 9 feet high, the first step was to build a platform so that the ceiling would be readily accessible, 6 feet from the platform.  The 2×6’s are definitely overkill for what’s needed here, but we are thinking of adding a conservatory on the east side of the house at some point and 2×6’s can be used there- should there ever come about.

Henry VIII wishes he had slept here- Day 1

Tomorrow I’ll add the decking, stairs, a barrier to keep the dust away from the furnishings and then it’ll be time to start the fun part.