Henry VIII’s Bed- DAY 2


Added a deck to the platform.  I’m just using 3/8 ply because we have a lot of it from a couple of years ago when a backhoe knocked down part of the deck and the stairs outside room 8 and we have to cover it to protect it during the rainy winter so that the whole thing didn’t get soaked before we could get it repaired.  The 3/8” will be sufficient because I have 2×6 on 12” centres underneath.  So it’s well supported.

And then some plastic to keep the dirt out of the rest of the room, and off the bed and all the rest of the furniture that’s been moved into that area while I’m working out here.

Here are some elevations and detail of what we’re working towards.

Here a small mock-up of what the ceiling will look like when we’re done.




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