February 28

February 28, 2010

Sunday today, the day of the big hockey game between Canada and the USA. You can feel the excitement in the air, unless of course you are standing anywhere near Fernando in which case there is a palpable sense of distaste, one might almost say disgust. ‘Why would so many grown men want to get together to expend so much energy trying to determine who can better bash around a small black cylinder, and why would so many otherwise intelligent people want to watch them do it? One side or the other is obviously going to win. It’s just a question of whether or not they can do it with minimal bloodshed.’ In all fairness, I should mention that he distains soccer as well.

So while he’s reading his books about ethics and morality in the developing Canadian psyche and their influence in an ever more fragile worldview, we Canadian will get together this afternoon with one worldview and one worldview only: to pound the slack-ass Americans to a pulp and to gloat while doing so!

Peace be on you brother.

With all the excitement about the Olympics and the palpable nationalism that one encounters everywhere, I am having a hard time with my theory that the games should not be nationalist, that athletes should compete as individuals only, not as representatives of a particular country. My concern is what if the fourth best skier from Latvia is better than the best skier from Canada, or the other way around of course. Why is that skier excluded from the games just because he is from Latvia and Latvia can have only so many entrants. The problem with this comes when you have to consider team sports. Teams have to come from somewhere although I suppose you could make the argument that there could be 2 teams from one country, but it seems that they have to come from countries of some sorts. They could come from different leagues I guess, say the NHL for instance, or the Belgian Cup League (yes, there is such a thing). Even with this is method though it is difficult to avoid the national ties.

But when I see another gold medal winner, or any other colour for that matter, with a maple leaf on his/her sleeve, I find myself getting all teary eyed and wishing that I didn’t have such international thoughts about equality and brotherhood. Why can’t I just be happy and excited about us winning a bunch of medals and not worry about the poor skiers in Latvia?

And by the way, I would like to point out that, while Canada may have won first place in 13 events, well over 60 Canadians won gold medals and I’m not even counting the silvers and bronzes. I figured this out and I’m not even a nationalist.

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