February 26

Completely clouded over today without much chance of sun.

Pieris japonics- Lily of the Valley Bush

This is a Pieris japonica, also known as Lily of the Valley bush because of its obvious similarity to the sweet smelling bulbs which I think are called pips. Maybe they’re not even bulbs. Both bush and pip are lovely in the garden however. This one tends to be a bit top heavy with lots of leaves and flowers on the top, but with nothing lower down. With a bit of pruning, I am going to try to get it to fill out a bit. One of the problems is that it is an early bloomer and later it the year, it is overwhelmed by the asters that grow all around it, sometimes higher that the Pieris. This may be, well, probably is contributing to the strange growth habit of the Pieris. Maybe I will have to move it to a better location.

Fernando’s health continues to improve and he was out of bed yesterday for a while although I noticed with a bit of scepticism that he was back in bed at dinner time and wanted his dinner in bed. He works so hard though that I can hardly begrudge him his time of recuperation. Even for the brief time that he was up yesterday, he cleaned one room and scrubbed the floor in the dining room. His own doing, I might add. I wanted him to stay in bed all day.

Beverley Carothers, who is a regular visitor to Albion Manor Bed and Breakfast in Victoria, comes three times a year to go to the Opera at Pacific Opera Victoria. She’s here right now to see Richard Strauss’ Capriccio, which opened last night. I am hoping to get tickets for next week. When she is here, Beverley takes the opportunity to visit Butchart Gardens, sometimes as often as every day. Given all the good weather we’ve been having, I’m curious to know what the gardens are like. Maybe we can get out there sometime next week as well.

Today is my birthday, 62 I think. Old man. We’ll go out this evening with friend Ray Creuer who owns Prestige Framing. We’re good friends from way back.

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