February 20

Sun.  Sun.  And more sunshine.  Fernando arrived home from Seville last night with an awful cold.  I took him straight from the airport to the medical clinic where they immediately put him on antibiotics.  He hasn’t slept in 3 days and looks it.  The 10 hour flight from London is a real killer if you are even a bit under the weather.

Showdrops in the Garden at Albion Manor

Snow Drops in the Garden at Albion Manor

Most of the snowdrops bloom on the north side- not for any particular reason other than that is where they were planted.  They don’t get a lot of sun there and I think that might help them although there is really nothing wrong with the.  I just think that they might last a bit longer if they had a bit more light and sun.  They come up in nice big clumps.  Speaking of clumps I have to start planting all the bulbs closer together.  I know all the references say to plant them a certain distance apart.  Generally I find that this is too far apart.  They all look much better if they are close together.  I know that they will produce more blooms in the following years and so will eventually form larger clumps with blossoms closer together, but I am too impatient to wait for that to happen.  I went it now.

If you want short term happiness, get married.  If you want medium term happiness, have a family.  If you want long term happiness, plant a garden.  Where did I read that recently.  I don’t have the first 2 although Fernando and I have been together for 18 years and I don’t have any kids, so I am concentrating on the latter bit of advice.

I got the roses pruned yesterday.  Well, most of them.  I am still uncertain as to how to proceed with the big ramblers at the front of the house.  They are so big but I know they need pruning because some of the large stems are dying away.  I guess the thing to do is just jump in and do it.  It is unlikely that I will kill them unless I cut them right to the ground and I am not going to do that.   I am also going to try to get the trellis for the Joseph’s Coat climbing rose finished today.  Work around the bed and breakfast is never done but the weather in Victoria certainly is inspiring.  Lots to do.  Better get going.

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