February 17

A few clouds this morning although all signs are that it is going to be another bright sunny day here in Victoria and at the bed and breakfast. There was a frost last night, the usual result of having clear skies the day before. Not a heavy frost, but there is frost on the roofs this morning. I’m currently working on the new stained glass panels for room 8 but still hope to get to cleaning some of the beds later today- all the stuff that I didn’t get done last fall. When I stand back and look at it, but garden is looking a bit ragged at the moment. I noticed this morning that the muscari are up in front of the cottage. I think I planted a couple of hundred of them so I’m looking forward to seeing them in full bloom soon.

Viburnum Timus Thrives in the Side Garden

Viburnum tinus is a flowering shrub that starts with  pink buds which turn to white blooms in the late winter and early spring, as in right now.  These blossoms then develop into a dramatic, clumping fruit that is a deep, nearly iridescent, blue-black. It seems to be thriving in the side garden where it really only gets sun in the afternoon.  This beautiful bush is right beside the lower entrance. It is in full bloom right now, the middle of February and fills the entry with a heavenly scent .

Today is the scheduled day for pruning and fertilizing the roses. The roses were very successful last year after a very heavy pruning in the spring so I am attempting to do this now every year. Especially the rambler that is right by the front door. I pruned it really severely last year and it was beautiful by late spring.

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