February 16

I can’t get over how far along the plants are in the garden this year.  The city was doing some work on the mains on the street before Christmas and they had to dig a big trench into the yard so the lawn is looking considerably unkempt, but there are shoots coming up all over the place.  Does this mean that it is going to be a really bad summer?  You see how catholic I am- guilt: you have to pay for any good that comes your way.

I have just returned last week from 3 weeks in Spain and then, on the way home, 1 week in London.  Seville was, as it always is, amazing.  I did however manage to maintain my record.  For the past 3 years, it has snowed in Spain on the first day that we arrived.  This year was no different except that this year it even snowed in Seville.  This is unheard of.  The last time it snowed in Seville was 50 years ago.  So while southern Spain is getting the worst weather in 50 years (at least all the dams are filling up).

Showdrops in the Garden at Albion Manor

Daffodils Growing in the Front Lawn of Albion Manor

Victoria is basking in beautiful warm sunshine. And I have a chance to get some of the work done that I didn’t get done in the fall- cleaning and getting rid of the old leaves and branches. Just a general spring clean up in other words.

Daffodils at Albion Manor

Daffodils at Albion Manor

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