February 19

Again that sun.  And no frost last night.  But it is a bit chilly this morning.  Fernando gets home from Spain today.  And I looking forward to it?  I barely function without him so the answer is obvious.  He will be in the air right now, somewhere over Northern Canada, probably on his second movie.  I hope he doesn’t have problems with Canadian Immigration as he usually does.  You couldn’t find a more gentle person in the world, but with his dark Spanish looks they often assume that he is Middle Eastern and single him out for detailed scrutiny.

Primroses- First Colour Blast of Spring

One of the first real colour explosions of spring comes from the primroses and these bloom in profusion in the front garden.  You can see in the top of the photo an old stem from one of last year’s dahlias- one of the jobs that I am still hoping to get to soon, while this glorious weather holds.  And the lawn needs mowing and the roses need pruning and on and on.  I will get to all of it eventually, but must do the roses today.

Last night I went for the first time to a meeting of Communities in Living an organization of local gay business-owners.  There were 9 people present representing everything from lawyers and real estate agents to interior designers and travel agents: quite a diversity, as one would expect.  My hope is to eventually bring up with them my concerns about Tourism Victoria’s marketing to the LGBT public and how that is being done.  I felt a bit uncomfortable last night in that it was my first meeting with the group and I thought I should get a chance to know them first, and give them a chance to get to know me, before confounding them with serious issues.  Not that they don’t deal with serious issues all the time, but not from a new comer to the group.  All in good time.

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