February 15

This is the first entry in what I hope will be a daily addition to the blog- mostly about the garden and things that are happening there but also some of the things that I think about while working in the garden, good thoughts, negative thoughts, good ideas and not so good idea.  Let’s see what happens.

Last year we had a lot of snow and freezing (everything being relative of course: lots of snow in Victoria is not the same as lots of snow in Calgary. At the bed and breakfast, and throughout the city, this resulted in some strange and wonderful combinations when the regularly scheduled blossoms came up. Unfortunately I didn’t take any photos.  For one thing I didn’t think at the time that this was such a wonderful event.  It was only after the fact that I realized what an opportunity I had missed.  Oh well.  I’ll make sure that doesn’t happen again (especially now that I have a new camera as well.)

This year is the complete opposite: it has been a very mild winter and everything is very early. Today we have daffodils, crocuses, snowdrops and lots of the trees are in blossom- not the fruit trees thank goodness. The roses are in bud as are the tulips. The cantab lilies by the lower entry are in full bloom.

Showdrops in the Garden at Albion Manor

Daffodils at the front of the Manor

While a lot of the daffs are in bloom, there are hundreds just coming. I am noticing thought that there are some empty spots in the daffodil beds, a sure sign of narcissus bulb fly which was the bane of the daffodils, and me, in the garden in Burnaby. I am going to try this year to catch the moths, or butterflies, or whichever they are, using a net. If I make a concerted effort to do this it certainly can’t hurt and any that I catch will certainly help the bulbs for next year. There is nothing more frustrating that planting something and having it eaten under the ground where you can’t even see the little buggers. Yes there is- having slugs eat everything above the ground!

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