Drum and Bugle Corp

It’s interesting what can wake you up in the middle of the night.  I hadn’t thought about it before but I guess it is possible to have a Drum and Bugle Corp of only 2. There should only be 2 because only 2 checked in but I think there might be 3 of them or even more.  The reason I’m thinking about this now is that there is definitely a rehearsal of some sort going on in room number 4.

I don’t remember seeing them take instruments into their room.  A bugle of course you could have in a suitcase, but I’m sure I would have noticed a bass drum, and they seem to be banging on the walls too and there they go again, really slow, too … boom … slow … boom, now speeding up again faster faster boom boom boom that penetrating boom, too fast, too fast, they must know there’s a bit of trouble with that part because they keep rehearsing it over and over and over again, really slow, boom… boom, speeding up, good grief you can’t march to that tempo for heaven’s sake everyone will be tripping all over themselves, boom boom boom, maybe there is a full Corps in there, then slowing down, good grief, no, no, too slow, too slow, everyone will get bored and wander off, speed it up, yes, better, much better, good grief no, too fast again.  I can’t imagine a full Corp of 110 members marching to that tempo it’s impossible.  Must be just two of them I don’t hear the lyricist anymore and something wrong with the bugle, some pretty clear top notes, but some strange low rumbling along with them, almost like a gurgling, sounds like purring.

Hey, did they have a cat?  It’s nice the way they stop every once in a while, usually right after some fast passage, must be talking over some really hard part, just long enough for you to doze off.  Holy smokes here we go again, jumped right in at the fast bit, I didn’t know you could beat a drum that fast, heavens the chandelier is shaking.  Oh, nice high ‘C’, yes, very good, very good, definite improvement.   Much much better.  Hmmm, and now a lot of purring.  They’re going to have to pay for that cat.  Pets are extra you know.  I’ll talk to them about it in the morning.  Hmmm.

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