More About Coffee

More about coffee

Remember that English is my second language so please be lenient.

According to “Vox populi”, in the 1600’s Pope Clement VII drank coffee, liked it and baptized it to convert it into a Christian drink.  I can imagine the ceremony in which His Holiness sprinkled holy water with a ‘golden hisopo’ (hyssop?) over the rich dark grains so it will not stain the souls of good Christians (Catholics).  No one pointed out how he could drink the beverage without it being Christianize!

On the other hand, I guess that it was good luck that I was not around to comment on it.  Otherwise the Catholic population would not enjoy the taste of café today.  Eh?

I am becoming notorious for making strong café at Albion Manor.  I have my theory about this problem.  If the café is strong I can smooth it down with a little of hot water.  Just as Clement VII did so café will not conflict with the drinker’s soul.  But if the café is weak there is nothing that I can do except use it as a nice stain for my watercolours.  Besides, I am running a Bed and Breakfast not a school of art.